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ACE: Wonder what's next?

A quick image. I wasn't planning on doing this. A vision came to me so I painted it. About an hour's work. I'm quite happy with the style and where this might go...or where it might go. Exciting isn't it?

Landscape crop

After doing a few hours work on this african pic, I have had a change of thought and direction. I don't want to create a plain landscape, I need the image to have a unique perspective, something to keep it interesting. Here is a 1:1 progress shot. Before I change it up a bit.

Refined African Thumb

I'm quite happy with where this 2hr work is heading. It's refreshing to have such an open expanse of land. I have applied an adjustment curves and boosted up the mid and darker areas. I have also increased my usage of photoshop brush settings. These are really quite useful. For some free training in brushes and all other things digital. Check out a free trial over at Lynda.

African landscape thumbs.

Just some fun thumbs for a digital african painting I want to do. This set turned out all a bit to the same. I like the flower type things in bottom left. Rock's, Acacia Tree and clouds will be good too. Bright oranges I think are a must have. I think I may opt for a wider aspect ratio though, 2.35:1 is not quite wide enough.