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Rooster Island

A quick painting and rough compositional layout just for fun. Completed after midnight about 2am tonight. 90mins
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Watch out for that leaf!

This was more than a lot of fun and sweat etc to make. Thanks to Luke & Mutt for their incredible directional vision and input. Stay tuned for more.

Bank Scene

The final look for a short film I made. Where live action/ greenscreen was used over the top. Just a bit of fun.
A raw render from Bryce 5. My firs real experimentation with 3d. What's that white elipse in the corner? Who knows. You really need a super computer to work with 3d. It can be a real headache. It can also be lots of fun, when you see the end result. 2005.

Burning Bush Sketch

Trees and such

I never much liked the grass in this, however I think the overall composition and colouring works well.

The Rider on the Whitehorse

Done as my final work for school. This was my first real encounter with putting paint on a canvas. As I was painting this I had a real sense and revelation of the love of God. Reference taken from Rev:19. Size 1.20m x 1.85m

Great Wall Matte Painting

A photoshop composite matte painting. Parts of this were hand painted and constructed. The tower is lit front-on a little unrealistically for effect.