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Congratulations Dan & Bec

A crop of the final image. For Dan & Bec. You might have to ask them to see the rest of this one :)

ACE: Wonder what's next?

A quick image. I wasn't planning on doing this. A vision came to me so I painted it. About an hour's work. I'm quite happy with the style and where this might go...or where it might go. Exciting isn't it?

Landscape crop

After doing a few hours work on this african pic, I have had a change of thought and direction. I don't want to create a plain landscape, I need the image to have a unique perspective, something to keep it interesting. Here is a 1:1 progress shot. Before I change it up a bit.

Refined African Thumb

I'm quite happy with where this 2hr work is heading. It's refreshing to have such an open expanse of land. I have applied an adjustment curves and boosted up the mid and darker areas. I have also increased my usage of photoshop brush settings. These are really quite useful. For some free training in brushes and all other things digital. Check out a free trial over at Lynda.

African landscape thumbs.

Just some fun thumbs for a digital african painting I want to do. This set turned out all a bit to the same. I like the flower type things in bottom left. Rock's, Acacia Tree and clouds will be good too. Bright oranges I think are a must have. I think I may opt for a wider aspect ratio though, 2.35:1 is not quite wide enough.

Afternoon Citadel Adaption

Evening Citadel Adaption

Here is an evening adaption of the citadel shot. Having light as the point of interest in this shot is what I initially envisioned when doing the daylight thumb.

Midday Citadel Adaption

Here is a further developed midday take at the citadel shot.

Citadel thumbs

Here are some working thumbs for a spanish citadel shot. These were completed as part of a matte painting course I've undertaken at FXPHD. These were really rough. The bottom right shot I developed a little more, as this different approach to the subject matter seemed to really help my thinking.